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technology in education
Three Business Blog Team
On: 19 Jan 2017

How Technology is Empowering Accessible Education

Steve Jobs said that “technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people… If you give them the tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.” That’s the thinking behind An Cosán community education organisation. Using technology to make their learning programmes accessible to more people is one of the roles Three […]

John O'Sullivan
On: 8 Sep 2016

Mobility – The Key to Success for Working Parents & Their Employers

We hear lots in the media about work-life balance, avoiding long hours and stress, and finding time for friends and rewarding hobbies. But what about those who are not so much balancing as juggling? Working lone parents and parents who are both working are trying to juggle the demands of their job and those of their children. In this blog, we look at what an employer can do to help parents, without compromising the productivity, budget or security of the business.

Three Business Customer
On: 30 Jun 2016

Social Media Spotlight: How Las Tapas de Lola Built an Audience One Post at a Time

As a small business (no matter what the field), you are going to be part of the social media conversation, like it or not. Your customers will review you on countless sites. Your employees will share stories online. The conversation is going on one way or another—so why not take part in shaping your story?


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