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Nicola Mortimer Three
Nicola Mortimer
On: 22 Jun 2017

The digital revolution is happening. Are you ready?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has said we are on the brink of a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” that will blur the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres. They expect it to completely redefine our economies and daily lives. What really lies at the heart of this revolution and what exactly will it mean […]

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Puca Apps for Business
Three Business Customer
On: 15 Jun 2017

The Key to ‘appiness: Insider Advice on Apps for Business

We consulted Stefan Mitchell, Project Manager of Púca – Three customer and award-winning mobile app developers – to find out what apps everyone in business should have on their phone. Most of us have a favourite app that helps us be more efficient and productive; I’ve certainly got mine – Slack. However, there are lesser-known, […]

Las Tapas de Lola
Three Business Customer
On: 8 Jun 2017

How Las Tapas de Lola is Managing Steady Growth

A year on from our last visit to Las Tapas de Lola, we caught up with co-owner Vanessa Murphy to find out how business is going. Have the restaurant’s communications solutions helped them as they evolved from a start-up to something more established on the Dublin dining scene? Twelve months ago, when Las Tapas de […]

IoT M2M video book
Three Business Marketing Team
On: 1 Jun 2017

IoT: the Future of Work, Life and Every Thing (Video-Book)

There’s far more to machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT) than the smart fridge. These technologies represent real opportunities for Irish businesses that would have been simply impossible before. M2M has been described as the plumbing of IoT. In turn, IoT has been described as the technology which can deliver efficiency, productivity […]

Outsourcing and UC and IP Telephony
Karl McDermott
On: 25 May 2017

Three Reasons for Outsourcing

My interview with Alex Meehan, as featured in the Sunday Business Post. As the world becomes increasingly connected, it’s a short leap from outsourcing telephony services to outsourcing a whole lot more. While best known as a communications specialist, Three also has a thriving managed services division and this grew organically out of telephony services. We […]

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