4G for Business

Three is delighted to offer 4G across all of our mobile price plans, so your business doesn’t have to slow down just because you’re on the move.

With a 4G capable phone or tablet you can get online and harness the power of the cloud to use business apps and access documents including HD videos and presentations, just like you would from your desktop. It’s like broadband in the air - and up to 10 times faster than 3G.


4G on 3 - three.ie

Benefits of 4G:

  • Enhanced Mobile Working: 61% of Irish CEOs are designing a company that actively encourages their employees to work remotely. The speed and reliability of 4G makes this possible for your organisation.*(*IBEC Survey 2015)
  • Enhanced Innovation: 80% of Irish CEOs agree that connected devices like smartphones and tablets allow their workforce to be more innovative and creative*. With faster connection and download speeds, you can share and edit documents wherever you are. This could save hundreds of valuable hours downloading documents, so you can make faster decisions.
  • Cloud storage: 4G makes it easier to share and edit documents and save to the Cloud, so you can save valuable hours making faster decisions.
  • Enhanced Network: We’ve invested €2billion euros to build a network which is fit for the future.

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4G coverage checker

Find out if you can avail of 4G in your area. Just click on the button below.

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4G Access

Check out our 4G plans tailored for your business needs.Just choose the amount of connections you’ll need.

Choose a connection type:

1-3 connections 4+ connections

Access 4G On Your Phone

To get the most out of your 4G experience you will need a 4G capable phone. Click here for a list of phones that are 4G ready.

Already got a 4G phone? If you have a 4G phone and plan and have coverage in a 4G area, all you need to do now is check your software is updated so you can avail of the great 4G speeds.

Here's how to update software for these operating systems:


Apple iPhones - three.ie


Go to settings > Software update > Update

Android - three.ie


Go to settings > About device > Software update > Update

Windows - three.ie


Go to settings > Phone update > Check for update > Update

*4G access is subject to enabled device, coverage and software. See three.ie for terms.